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About me

I began developing my first websites in the early 2000's when I got my first computer. Since then the web became my passion and hobby. I began creating websites for friends, but soon I got my first serious commissions and started working as a freelance web developer. When I started, I was more interested in front-end, so I got a deep understanding of HTML and CSS. This also helped me to understand more principles of UX and UI. However, at some point I realised that my front-end needed custom made back-end to work properly. Thus I started learning PHP and about web servers. Right now I am re-discovering the beauty of static websites and JAM stack. My primary programming language has become JavaScript and I am working with a few amazing clients on a variety of web applications. As a web developer I am trying to understand the client's motivation and goals, so I can always deliver the best results.

Besides web development, I am a PhD student at the Institute of Greek and Latin Studies at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University. Here I study textual transmission of medieval texts and latin. I am also delving in to the field of Digital Humanities which connects traditional academic research with digital technologies and provides new ways of analysing and representing data. I attend many interesting workshops and conferences at well known universities and work with professionals in the field.